Viruses! Just about everyone has heard of them but they're still a mystery to most. Just how do they
get in and what do they do? If only there were a simple answer. Many factors contribute to your susceptibility to them, but we can quickly remove them and usually salvage much if not all of the
damage they have already done. In addition to the immediate remedy, we offer free installation of not
only virus protection for the future, but special software that will also guard your computer from
"spyware" and other parasites - pests that are not actually viruses by definition but nevertheless slow down or otherwise handicap your computer's operation in some way. We find that many clients who suspected they needed new computers are simply bogged down with invisible but hindering "bugs" -
that we can exterminate! Virus software does not carry any additional charges. If you need it, you'll
get it as part of your service!

You may have seen TV commercials warning you about spyware on your computer. Do you have it?
Do you get pop up ads not related to the site you're intentionally visiting? Does your homepage open
to something you've never seen? Are there information bars or search bars at the top or bottom of your browser screen that you did not install? Any of these could mean you have spyware. Some types of spyware are just annoying, but some types are dangerous because they can "see" personal pieces of information like passwords. We can help you not only rid your computer of ALL kinds of spyware including those not found by traditional spyware scans, but also help "immunize" your system against
re-infection. Like anti-virus software, spyware software never carries an additional charge, it's
inlcuded in every service!